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134. Mischa Stanton and Home Studio Tech Setups

133. Networks with John Dryden and Paul Sating

132. Creating satirical comedy characters with Peter Oldring and Dexter Guff

131. Home Recording Setups with Sarah Rhea Werner

130. Relaunching a Podcast

129. Recording the X-Files

128. Children’s Audio Drama: Part 2

127. Eleventh Hour Collaborations: World Audio Drama Day

126. Why aren’t there more Children’s Audio Drama Shows? Part 1

125. Austin Film Festival – Encouraging new writers

124. The Once & Future Nerd: Conception to Production

123. Darker Projects: Conception to Production

122. Terms: Conception to Production

121. Blood Culture: Conception to Production

120. Jarnsaxa Rising: Conception to Production

119. What’s The Frequency: Concept to Production

118. Teaching Audio Drama in the Pub

117. Lake Clarity: Conception to Production

116. Liberty Podcast: Conception to Production

115. Script Writing Tools: Scene 2

114. Script Writing Tools: Scene 1

113. The Voice Acting Guide: Act 2

112. The Voice Acting Guide: Act 1

111. Directing Voice Actors

110. What does a Radio Comedy Producer actually do?

109. DAWs: What’s the Best Audio Production Software?

108. Listener Q&A, and Special Guests

107. Business Models for Audio Drama

106. Women in Audio Drama

105. Experimental Audio

104. Listener Demographics

103. Audio Drama Work-Life Balance

102. The Changing of the Guard

101. Ultimate Advice For Making Audio Drama. Part 2. With various guests

100. Ultimate Advice For Making Audio Drama. Part 1. With various guests

99. How to Scare Your Listener. With various guests

98. How to Make Your Listener Laugh. With various guests

97. Media Hosting, iTunes Rankings, New & Noteworthy. With Rob Walch of Libsyn

96. Should I Quit & Start Again?

95. Political Messages, Character Beliefs, & Prejudices

94. Pitching Audio Drama Ideas. With Joseph Tucker of Mirth Defect, and Rebecca Fenton of Audible UK

93. Listener Habits, Trends, & Bad Reviews

92. Lockdown, Audio Theater for the Mind, & Writing an Audio Drama Bible. With Kc Wayland of We’re Alive

91. Download Numbers. The Potential of Audio Drama

90. The Five Cs of Making Audio Drama

89. Running Audio Drama Workshops. With Zoe & Leon of WordPlay

88. Finding & Creating Recording Environments

87. Episode Lengths – How Long Should My Audio Dramas Be? Includes interview with Jerry Stearns and Brian Price of Great Northern Audio Theater

86. Your Show’s All-Round Packaging

85. Feeding Your Creativity

84. Making an Audio Drama Sitcom – Wooden Overcoats. With John Wakefield and David K. Barnes

83. Start Small, But Stay Outside Your Comfort Zone. Lav Mics

82. Audible Commissions Revisited. With Joseph Tucker and Chris Winstanley

81. Finding Your Style. With Tumanbay’s John Dryden

80. What Next For The Audio Drama Production Podcast?

79. Writing for Audio Drama: Adaptations. With Bryan Lincoln, Jay Smith, and Chris Jarvis

78. Doing It All Yourself. With Brian Mock of Z-Poc Nation, and Dayn Leonardson of The Fall

77. What Can We Learn From Film Sound? With Dr Kenny McAlpine of Abertay University

76. How Do You Get Commissioned By Audible? With Eric Nuzum of Audible.com

75. Becoming Professionals. Thoughts for 2016. With Colin Gray of The Podcast Host

74. Becoming An Audio Drama Producer. With Austin Beach of Audioblivious Productions

73. UK International Radio Drama Festival & Competition 2016

72. Fleshing Out Your Characters

71. Making Sound Effects, Building Soundscapes. With John Ballentine of Campfire Radio Theater

70. 7 Tips For Improving Your Audio Drama

69. Writing for Audio Drama: Characters & Structure of a Series. With Bryan Lincoln, Dave Robison, Michael McQuilkin, and Eli McIlveen

68. How do you make a 3D binaural Audio Drama? With Michel Lafrance of The Owl Field

67. Developing Story Ideas. AudioFlix. With Steve Schneider, Domien De Groot, and Tim Knofler

66. How to Promote Your Show & Grow Your Audience

65. The Rise of the Docudrama. Audiobook Confusion on Audible

64. Audio Drama on Audible. Locke & Key. With Fred Greenhalgh of FinalRune Productions

63. Being productive, & working with others

62. The A to Z of making Audio Drama. New Media Europe

61. Setting dialogue volume levels, & roomtone

60. Funding projects, writing comedy. TV icons. With Clare Eden of Strangeness in Space, and Minister of Chance

59. Background Conversations & Walla

58. Voice Acting & Visual Impairment. With Tanja Milojevic of LightningBolt Theater of the Mind

57. Making Audio Drama with children. With Mike Meraz of Aaron’s World

56. What does your world sound like?

55. Audio Drama identity & discoverability. Doing live shows. With Sibby Weiland of Sound Stages Radio

54. Mastering your craft. Being a writer. With Dan Black of A Writer’s Life

53. Release Schedules. Crowdfunding

52. Inequality. Character Inner Voices. Media Hosting. With Fiona Thraille and Bryan Lincoln

51. Profiting with your Audio Drama. With The Real Brian of Profitcast

50. Are you focused? Voice actor recording setups. Radio. With Jay Sykes of Jay Sykes Media. 

49. Composing Music for Audio Drama. With Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech, & Kevin Hartnell of Overlook Hotel Records

48. Why do you make Audio Drama? Cast gender. And book adaptations

47. Audio Drama on Spotify. Changing DAWs, & more on audio storytelling. With Jack Ward of The Sonic Society

46. Creating interactive audio fiction, & fantasy character accents. With Iain Manley of VoiceMap, & Adele Kirby of Imagineactive Audio Fitness Adventures

45. What makes an audio story? With Jack Ward of The Sonic Society

44. Should I make a serial or anthology audio drama series?

43. Drop your listener into the action

42. Writing dialogue, episode lengths, & a UK Audio Drama event. With Eli McIlveen of Alba Salix, Royal Physician

41. 8 ways you can help others to succeed in audio drama, & keeping silent characters in the picture, with Kessi Riliniki

40. Using perspective to tell your story, with Steve Schneider

39. Is it a good idea to make fan fiction? With Michael Hudson

38. Getting stuff done, working with composers, and panning. With Jack Ward of The Sonic Society

37. What is a reviewer looking for in your work? With Laurence Raw of Radio Drama Reviews

36. Do I need expensive equipment? With John Ballentine of Campfire Radio Theater

35. Should I record on location? With Matthew Boudreau of Aural Stage Studios

34. How do I convey thought in audio drama?

33. How to create a local audio drama group

32. Learning & teaching audio drama, with Richard Hand of The Radio Drama Handbook

31. Satellite recording, & constructive criticism, with Fiona Thraille of Cooperantem Audio

30. Fantasy story worlds, and audiobook hybrids, with Domien De Groot of Audio Epics

29. Get inside your listener’s head, with Dirk Maggs of Neverwhere, Good Omens, and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

28. eBooks, voice acting, and story arcs, with Jack Kincaid of Edict Zero FIS

27. How to structure your story

26. Writing for audio, learning from television, with Christian Madera of The Once & Future Nerd

25. Being a one man band, Worldbuilding, with Rich Matheson of Keeg’s Quest

24. Creating fight scenes, casting your show, with Kc Wayland of We’re Alive

23. Loudness, bit rates, and audio production, with Mike Russell of Music Radio Creative

22. Creating your first audio drama

21. Field recording and dialogue improvisation, with Jonathan Mitchell of The Truth

20. Establishing a strong reputation, with Bryan Lincoln of Hidden Harbor Mysteries

19. Don’t beat yourself up over your early work

18. Building your talent pool, and taking good care of them, with Betsey Palmer of Hartlife, and Monique Boudreau of Aural Stage Studios

17. Audio drama in education, with Steve Schneider

16. Where to host your show, with Dave Jackson of The School of Podcasting

15. Creating sound effects, with Ric Viers of Blastwave FX

14. Netflix for audio drama, with Fred Greenhalgh of Radio Drama Revival

13. Audio drama as a business model, with the Wireless Theatre Company

12. How to create soundscapes, with Julie Hoverson of 19 Nocturne Boulevard

11. Character distinction, and five mixing tips, with John Ballentine of Campfire Radio Theater

10. Self publishing, and the future of audio drama

9. Telling your story, and making it stand out

8. Starting out. Audio drama influences and uniqueness

7. UK Podcasters conference, and five script writing tips, with Julie Hoverson of 19 Nocturne Boulevard

6. Recording your production locally, with Matthew Boudreau of Aural Stage Studios, and five voice acting tips, with Julie Hoverson of 19 Nocturne Boulevard

5. Scene and location transitions

4. Recording and equipment, with Kc Wayland of We’re Alive

3. Should I use narration in my audio drama?

2. Remote, studio, and field recording

1. Why start an audio drama?