Press & Media

One of the main goals of the Audio Drama Production Podcast is to promote and help raise the profile of the medium as a whole. This means that on top of producing the show and making our own Audio Drama, we’re keen to take the discussion to other platforms and mediums too.

If you’re a fellow content creator covering any aspect of audio fiction we might be able to help you by talking about either ‘the making of’ or the growth of the medium as a whole. This might be:

  • As an interviewee on your podcast or programme
  • As an interviewee for your academic coursework/research
  • As a panel guest
  • As a speaker at an event or conference
  • As a guest article/blog post writer

Naturally each of these would depend on availability/logistics. But if you’ve any enquiries at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

If you want to quote from or reference any of our content on the site, then please feel free to do so. As long as you link back to the relevant podcast episode or blog post as your source material.

You can also use the form below you get in touch…