Hello Audio Drama Loving folks!

     Hopefully this…is a VERY exciting opportunity.

And we hope you have a go….!

You may be aware that Sarah has been trying to sort some live performances of Original Audio Drama for 2018. And this is where the fun starts!
Quick! Write!

           We are looking for original scripts of 10, 15 and 30  minutes duration, of all genres.

(No fan fiction though pls…)

It MUST include a small part of 3 lines or so for an audience member to play….

…AND some relevant foley to be created live with household objects and so on by the cast and audience members. We wholeheartedly want to encourage audience immersion and participation…

We have ADPP Faves Beth Eyre, Fiona Thraille, Sarah Golding, Robert Cudmore and Karim Kronfli…. plus more surprises to be announced… lined up to voice act.

Andy Goddard Of The AMAZING Wooden Overcoats will tech for us with support from the AMAZING Max and Definitely Human team.

You know these folks and what they can do – multi rolling is fine… challenge them! Make them do horrible, funny, amazing fantastical things!! Keep the atmos achievable in a live situation (we can use recorded effects) but please by all means let your imaginations run wild….And …enjoy the write!

In association with Aural Stage Studios

and The Audio Drama Network,

from January 8-21 2018 we will have an open window for scripts to be placed in our Script Repository

You are able to enter this wonderful competition by simply uploading your script to the Audio Drama Network site with the details outlined below, and then progress to the ADPP @yapaudio Razoo site to pay the submission fee of $6 for up to 5 scripts!

The link to the script submissions site and Razoo will be published on our FB Page on the first day of submissions – January 8th.

The script choosing panel is made up of Sarah Golding, Maxamillian John of Definitely Human and Steve Cardinal Of Aural Traditions plus more In the wings if we get lots of scripts!

Scripts will be blind judged with no names seen, as once processed as IN the competition, Names will be removed.

On the front page of your script, please put allll of the following
You must put the date you submitted the script to the Aural Stages site, and the first and last name of the person submitting it, the genre, number of scripts being submitted, and which time slot it sits in.

(10,15 or 30 min script).


Sorry it looks complicated but it enables us to quickly Sort and organise ourselves.

This is your unique code and must then also be copied into your fee submission details through Razoo so we can corroborate submissions of scripts with fees. If you don’t do this, you cannot be entered.

So please remember to do it!

Please just put your name on this code on the first page of the script and nowhere else as it will be a name-blind judging….we’ll also need contact details on the front too so we can tell you first if you’ve won! Email/Phone etc.

So…..when you submit your script on the Audio Drama Network Site, you also then need to go to the RAZOO site to pay the one-off submission fee of $6. This enables you to submit up to 5 scripts. If you submit 7 or 11 scripts you pay $12 and so on. If you do not pay the submission fee you cannot be considered for the competition….

(sorry but we’ve got to raise funds somehow!).

So for the price of a round of drinks you too can have the chance to
Have your script performed LIVE at The Vault Festival in London on March 7th…The Crescent. 18:10 -19:10 and come and see it!  VAULT FEST 2018 WEBSITE
And at The Edinburgh Podfest in August…and come and see it! (Awaiting finer detail of event dates!)
Performed By ADPP Faves such as Beth Eyre, Fiona Thraille, Sarah Golding, Robert Cudmore and Karim Kronfli…plus more to be announced and guest stars!
If not selected for the live shows, worry ye not! There are at least 20 producers of audio dramas who will then happily sift through the amazing array of scripts and choose at least one to produce themselves – yes! Exciting! These folks include Audioblivious, Pulp Pourri Theatre, In your shell like, Rick Coste, Definitely Human, and Chris Jarvis Of Radio Theatre Workshop, James Oliva, Boyd Barrett, Robert Chauncey,Sarah Rhea Werner, MJ Cogburn, Zachary Fortas-Gomme, Pacific Obidiah, Alexander Danner and more! (And if you’d like to produce one, please contact Sarah ASAP!) These will then be aired in association with Aural Stages on their feed. Thank you to Matthew and Monique Boudreau of Aural Stages for this amazing and exciting support, and opportunity for these scripts to be created and heard across the world….
E) Maybe….Just Maybe…we could also then pursue publication of the ADPP Original Shorts as an anthology….huh! Huh? Exciting times…..
The Razoo fee goes towards the live show costs – marketing, tech, script sorting, admin, actor fees, tech fees and upkeep of the Audio Podcast to keep up with hosting and some recompense to the makers. If, and it’s a big if but IF we raise enough, we could also perhaps add a financial reward or at least certificates and trophies for the winning scripts! HuzZahs!

The work remains entirely yours and by entering you are giving permission for us and the indie producer teams to perform it live and / or record it and play it on our Aural Stages linked feed.

So! Below is a checklist of things to do.

Please get writing and we SO look forward to reading the stories you create!

The live shows will have at least 3 scripts performed at each, with a 10-15 minute Q&A afterwards with the creatives and audience. Exciting times.

We do Hope to get to read your script! Get cracking! And thank you – let’s get some more amazing storytelling out into this crazy world!

Do pass this on to local and known writers groups and educational establishments with courses relevant to AD and writing. We do want to create a realm for showcasing a diverse range of voices.

Share and share and share!
Sarah and the ADPP Team

ADPP Script Writing Comp Check List
1) Write Script – make sure it has a few lines an audience member can do and has some room for live foley..! Format it how you like – check BBC Writers Room Site for formatting help if you need it (plus it’s a great site for a browse Anyway)…/writers-lab/medium-and-format
2) Between Jan 8-21 Submit script to The Audio Drama Network Submissions Page including front page code –
Date submitted/Yourfullname/Genre/ScriptNo/Timing
I.e 15/1/17SarahGolding/Thriller/2of3/15
(Link to submissions site will be placed on FB Forum on 8 Jan)
3) Go to our Razoo site to submit your $6submission. Link on ADPP Pages from 8/1.
Make sure the unique code from your script is detailed on your Razoo contribution so we can keep track of payments and script corroboration. If you forget this your script won’t be included…..
4) Relax. Listen to podcasts. Live.
5) Script Winners for the live London performances will be announced on our FB Forums on
6) Producers will then decide on their scripts to be produced by their production houses by
to be produced by a date (tbc) in summer and aired as stated on Aural Stages Audio Drama Network feed.
7) Come to see the performances at The Vault Festival on Weds March 7th from 1810-1910. Join in! Ask questions! Have fun!
😎 Look out for Edinburgh performance dates to join us!
9) Know somewhere else we can perform these? Let us know!
10) want to help tech/promote/market/organise? Sarah would be ever so grateful…do contact her ASAP!
IF you are a voice actor and want to participate contact Sarah ASAP!
IF you are a producer and want to take part in producing a 10,15 or 30 min original script from this competition, contact Sarah ASAP!
Thank you and
Sarah Golding and the ADPP TEAM

Teaching Audio Drama in the Pub | Episode 118

Order yourself a pint, pull up a bar stool, and join Kathleen Kidd (The Scottish Audio Co-Operative, A Night of Horror, Into the Murk) for a chat on all things Audio Drama.

Kathleen is part of an Audio Drama movement in South-West Scotland who aren’t only making their own podcasts – they’re teaching others to do it by running workshops in a local pub.

Dates for Your Diary

SFX in intro from | orgsinatra314 – Chairscrape11Alexbuk – Sponge and clothbulbastre – cristaline wine glass glasses cling clang chin chin cheersBraleven – small water spillErdie – pub reverb

What does a Radio Comedy Producer actually do? | Episode 110

We interview Ed Morrish – A Renowned Independent and Radio 4 Producer.

Have you ever wondered what a Comedy producer actually does? Ed Morrish has been responsible for producing a plethora of amazing shows – mostly on Radio 4 – and you’ll have heard his name on the credits of such shows as John Finnemore’s souvenir programme, The remake of the missing episodes of Hancocks Half Hour, Spats, Lemn Sissay’s Homecoming, The Now Show, The News Quiz, Newsjack, Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully, Dilemma….the list goes on… and…its a very star studded list of awesomeness…isn’t it?

We find out why writing your project is akin to dealing with meconium….yes….really….and discover what fun can be had with live foley, just how many female comedy commissioners we have had recently, how Ed’s mum (MAYSHERESTINPEACE) (We’re Pratchett fans…this is respectful) realised that a producer ‘doesn’t actually DO anything’, top tips for what to edit out of your work before you submit it, how cool it was to recreate the Hancock’s Half Hour scripts for aural consumption, where to send voice reels, is using music cheating and what fun games John Finnemore uses to warm up his audience.

We can’t WAIT for you to hear this and hope it inspires you to get submitting some awesome comedy to a suitable Producer of your choice soon….

Ed can be found on

The BBC has a wealth of information about all of the programmes listed on their website

The Writers Room is a FANTASTIC resource for information and scripts and blogs and writing opportunities….I’m on it daily….

The Radio Drama Company are definitely worth a look at if you’re a budding voice actor…

Links to current Radio 4 Podcasts –

How to Make a Fiction Podcast –


Tweet us – @yapaudio
Facebook – The Audio Drama Production Podcast

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Business Models for Audio Drama | Episode 107

A look at the business side of audio drama, including contributions from audio drama companies who have found successful business models for professional audio drama productions.

With thanks to our contributors for sharing their expertise:

Mariele Runacre-Temple of Wireless Theatre

David K. Barnes & Liz Campbell of Wooden Overcoats

Links to sites mentioned:

Go Fund Me


Libsyn Vs Blubrry – Where Should I Host my Podcast?

The Martian Guide to Marketing Your Podcast –


Midroll – finding advertising help

Music by Kevin Hartnell

Sound effects from

Pub-reverb by erdie

Running Audio Drama Workshops

On this episode we’re joined by Zoe and Leon from WordPlay. I’ve been keen to get them on the show for a while to talk about the audio drama workshops they’ve been running in schools, bookshops, and community centres. They have their own podcast too so be sure to listen and subscribe!

“We run radio drama making workshops for children and adults across the UK. Take up the WordPlay challenge and script a short radio drama, perform it in our pop-up studio and broadcast it LIVE on air with all the sound effects to go with it! We also offer training to everyone and anyone who wants to delve into the world of podcasting, and run courses for children who want to learn the ins and outs of presenting & producing their own talk radio show, concluding with a live broadcasting party!”

Elsewhere on the show, The Cleansed and Radio Drama Revival join the Wondery podcast network, along with the legendary Tom Lopez (who was recently featured by NPR)

The Audio Drama Network is almost up and running, and it needs volunteers – please email me at if you’re interested in finding out more.

And my Audacity Podcast Production video course (in association with The Podcast Host) is now available. I’d love it if you checked it out, and if you click and buy through the link here I’ll earn a small commission too!


Making an Audio Drama Sitcom | Wooden Overcoats

Wooden Overcoats – a story of two rival funeral directors on a small fictional island – is a Audio Drama series that ticks all the boxes. Brilliantly written, with a talented cast, and first class studio quality sound, this show sets the bar very high. It obviously took a lot of knowledge and expertise to put Wooden Overcoats together, and on this episode we’re able to pull back the curtain and learn from two of the show’s creators, Head Writer David K. Barnes, and Director/Producer John Wakefield.

There’s more material about the making of Wooden Overcoats out there for you to enjoy too. Check out How to Write a Sitcom by David K. Barnes, and Andy Goddard’s Making Radio Drama for Less.

And, as if that wasn’t enough first class material for one week, friend of the show Fred Greenhalgh has released a free eBook called Field Recording for Audio Drama: A Filmmaker’s Guide. Be sure to check out Fred’s post-apocalyptic epic The Cleansed too, if you haven’t already.

A big thanks too, to our most recent inductees of The Knights of the PledgeEd Champion, and EC Bond.

Want to get in touch with the show? Splendid. Write to us at

UK International Radio Drama Festival & Competition 2016

The Winter’s Tales UK International Radio Drama Festival is taking place from the 22nd to the 27th February 2016 In Herne Bay, on the South East of England. winters-tales

Joining us on this episode is one of the event’s organisers Sue Austen to give details on how the festival will look, and what will be going on throughout the week. This will range from public broadcasts of Radio Dramas, to workshops on writing, production, and acting.

On top of that there’s a competition with a first prize of £2000

You can enter from anywhere in the world by submitting an Audio Drama which follows some specific criteria.

As the festival celebrates work which links the two worlds of live theatre and Radio Drama, they are calling for pieces which make this connection in some way.

That might be:

Radio drama which adapts a work originally intended for the stage

A drama about the live stage in some sense

A work recorded live in front of an audience

A work inspired by a stage play

A work which shares a common heritage with a stage play

A work written by an author more commonly associated with the stage

All entries must have been broadcast before the festival takes place and the date of the first broadcast (on air or online) must have been no more than twenty-four months prior to the Festival dates.

The completed registration form should be sent by 29 January 2016.

Visit for the full terms and conditions, and to download an entry form. Full festival programme details will be available in the New Year.

Finally, if you’re planning on heading to the festival, or even holding a workshop there, let us know –