The Voice Acting Guide: Act 2 | Episode 113

Helloooooo! We were lucky enough to speak to the superbly talented James Oliva and Zach Valenti about their Voice Acting experiences to date, and we delve into some more of our findings as working voice actors, talk about auditions, yearning for direction keeping files, what to do to further your acting career with websites, spotlight, voice reels / demos and how SHOCKING prices are in America for this….we encourage you to share videos on our FACEBOOK forum of you doing a performance of the same script to showcase how it can be done >>>script below >>> showcasing your ways into a script and your kit – we also take a look at questions like should script writers signpost scripts some more to help emphasis? What to do if primarily working on an iPad and you want to mark up your script? Just who is our first amazing Patreon trailer from? We say wolf 3,5,9 Zach says Wolf 3, 59. What’s it to ya?

Special guests of joy are:

James Oliva

Zach Valenti




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Voice acting audition sites

And use your search engine to find lots of FB groups for voice actors to find auditions….

For reels:




Any TBH. They’re not choosy. Much.









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Lee​ “Dougie, I fully appreciate your technical expertise, but you needn’t concern yourself with the presentation side of things. Besides, the podcast needs to be raw, authentic, and in the moment. It’s all about capturing the magic. We want the listener to be walking with us, not tagging along behind us.”

Business Models for Audio Drama | Episode 107

A look at the business side of audio drama, including contributions from audio drama companies who have found successful business models for professional audio drama productions.

With thanks to our contributors for sharing their expertise:

Mariele Runacre-Temple of Wireless Theatre

David K. Barnes & Liz Campbell of Wooden Overcoats

Links to sites mentioned:

Go Fund Me


Libsyn Vs Blubrry – Where Should I Host my Podcast?

The Martian Guide to Marketing Your Podcast –


Midroll – finding advertising help

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Listener Demographics | Episode 104

An episode on discovering and appealing to your listener demographic.

Our statistics on the growth of podcasting came from here:

Thanks to our contributors to this episode:
Lauren Nelson creator of The Box and Two Minutes to Midnight

Rich Wentworth and Mike McQuilkin of Hadron Gospel Hour

The Podcast Host – 8 Things I Learned When I Recorded in a Pro Studio

Special thanks to Austin Beach

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Media Hosting, iTunes Rankings, New & Noteworthy

VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn Rob Walch joins us for a chat on this episode. Rob has been in podcasting from the very beginning and has a wealth of experience in the medium.

We talked about media hosting, and why you might want to think about hosting with Libsyn. iTunes, and the myths and misinformation surrounding the rankings and New & Noteworthy categories. Why you might want to have an app made for your show. What should be on your podcast’s website. And some poorly researched articles doing the rounds at the moment.

You can also find Rob on The Feed (The Official Libsyn Podcast), Podcast 411, and Today in iOS. One particular episode he mentioned on this episode was his chat with Aaron Mahnke of Lore.

And if you’re signing up to Libsyn in the future, remember you can always use the coupon code ADPP to get a free month there.

Other things mentioned on this episode, the Out on the Wire Podcast, 11th Hour Audio, and the Audio Drama Promo Trailer Park.

As always, get in touch with us at any time on

Download Numbers. The Potential of Audio Drama

Download numbers are discussed, and sometimes obsessed over by podcasters. However, it’s better to focus your attention on those who are listening, rather than stressing over those who aren’t. Keep creating great Audio Drama and you will grow your audience.

With that said, let’s take a look at some hard numbers that can provide useful milestones for your show as it grows. These are compiled by Libsyn and were presented originally on their podcast The Feed.

Based on the number of downloads received for a SINGLE EPISODE in the 30 day period following its release.

More than 169 downloads puts your podcast in the top 50%

More than 1300 downloads puts your podcast in the top 20%

More than 3800 downloads puts your podcast in the top 10%

More than 5000 downloads puts your podcast in the top 8%

More than 9600 downloads puts your podcast in the top 5%

More than 27,000 downloads puts your podcast in the top 2%

More than 52,000 downloads puts your podcast in the top 1%

Also mentioned on the show, The Once & Future Nerd’s new USB cassette, Mirth Defect, Bootlegger, We’re Alive, Fire on the Mound, Pen & Paper, Ars Paradoxica, Return Home, Nova Dark, Paragon Podcast Network.

Your Show’s All-Round Packaging

Having a great story and cast, along with excellent recording and production values should be enough to take your show to the top, but that isn’t the case.

If you have poor cover art and a website that looks like a 1998 bulletin board, most listeners won’t even give your show a chance.

How much thought are you putting into attracting potential fans to your site, and how easy is it for them to subscribe and listen to your episodes once they get there?

Attention to detail is important if you want to create an all-round professional image. You can grow your audience by making it easy for listeners to consume your show.

Things that contribute to an ‘all round’ listener experience

  • Your show is discoverable – clearly marked as an Audio Drama in the title
  • You own a website that’s easy to find, preferably a .com.
  • Good visuals, not just cover art, but other artwork. Maybe character sketches, maps, or concept art


  • Cover art – needs to be eye catching against hundreds of others in iTunes
  • But also needs to work well when displayed small, as it will be
  • Don’t cram too much text in there. Best just to have your title
  • A decent design resource – Canva

 If someone finds your website when they Google ‘audio drama’, what’s the next steps?

  • Do you have an episode list that’s easy to navigate?
  • Do you have easy and clear subscribe links? iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, etc
  • ‘About’ pages are the most viewed pages on most websites, take advantage by putting vital links (listed above) there
  • Make it easy for people, you want them to listen/subscribe

 What’s the journey a listener might take after discovering your show?

  • In your credits you’ll send them to your website
  • Better to send them to and not a soundcloud or iTunes link (we’ve made this mistake ourselves in the past, sending people to sites we don’t own)
  • Is there a clearly marked ‘contact’ page with a number of options?

 On the subject of websites

  • Make sure your site your site works on a phone
  • Ask a friend to Google your show, find it, subscribe, and download your first episode


  • Never host your media (episodes) on your website
  • Use a media host like Libsyn or Blubrry
  • Soundcloud is okay if you’re just getting started with one off shows, but avoid using it as a primary media host for a series

Other tips

  • Links page, share the love by linking to your favourite shows
  • Metadata/ID3 tags – make good use of them before uploading your finished MP3

Also mentioned

Big thanks to our Valenhigh backers as we continue our crowdfunding campaign. And Laurence Fishburne enters the world of Audio Drama with a show that’ll be produced by non other than Kc Wayland.


How to Promote Your Show & Grow Your Audience

Is the way you promote your show actually doing more harm than good?

There are tried and tested ways of growing your audience, none of which involve any short term or overnight routes to success. You can spend hours each week blasting links all over Facebook, Twitter, and other social media streams – but will anyone care, and does this really have any impact in the long run?

People are far more likely to take an interest in what you do, when you’ve taken an interest in what they do. Making friends with people, interacting with them, and sharing their content (as well as your own) is far more likely to lead to you reaching new people and increasing your audience.

Avoid ‘cold call’ style mass tweets to people asking for listens, RTs, donations etc. Instead, treat social media as a conversation. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sharing links to your work, but make sure it isn’t the only thing you’re doing. If you copy and paste the same link into 15 different Facebook groups, are you active in each of these groups? Or are you only there to act like a digital billboard?

There was plenty happening elsewhere in Audio Drama this week. Locke & Key topped the Audible charts, Audio Theater Central are selling Audio Drama T-shirts (for a limited time only, so be quick to get yours), Hadron Gospel Hour were victorious in The Geekie Awards, and The Owl Field were nominated for a Futurebook Award, and Audio Drama Day is fast approaching, we actually have an article up on the site called Why You Should Be Listening to Audio Drama.

On top of that, we mentioned some other shows, Night Delivery by Campfire Radio Theater, Roswell BC, and Gallowtree.