Fictional Audio Tours

We are working with internationally renowned GPs tour guides VoiceMap to create fictional audio tours in Scotland.

Our first tour The Thousand Year Theft (an adaptation of our audio drama Time is Money) can be experienced in the centre of Edinburgh, beginning at St Andrews Square.


Life isn’t easy for you on board the New Hopes Space Station in the year 3015. You’ve got yourself into a bit of debt, and the only place to turn for some extra cash was crime boss and loan shark Abe Martelli. Now you owe more than you can pay back, but that’s okay.

Martelli is a fair man; he’ll allow you to work the debt off instead. The job he’s given you seems fairly straightforward. You’ll be sent back in time to Edinburgh in the year 2015 to pick up a stolen painting, before taking it back with you to the future, where he’ll sell it on for a massive profit.

Time travel is illegal and dangerous, but you’ll have experienced mission co-ordinator Mr Jennings guiding you every step of the way. What could possibly go wrong?

Our second tour, The Royal Mile, also takes place in the heart of Edinburgh. beginning (funnily enough) at the top of the Mile, up by the castle.


Old Sam’s not like the usual tour guides. For one thing, he died over a century ago. 

Find out what really happened on the hallowed cobbles of the Royal Mile as Sam recounts the dark and dangerous days of his life – in particular, his dealings with the Royal College of Surgeons.

Follow the trail down the Royal Mile, and find out Sam’s darkest secret, on this fictional walk through Edinburgh.

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