Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you’ll find answers to some commonly asked questions about Audio Drama.

What’s an Audio Drama?

Audio Drama — also called radio drama — is a dramatized and purely acoustic performance. It’s undergoing an art renaissance due to advances in digital recording and Internet distribution in modern times.

Who is the forerunner of Radio Drama?

According to some reports, Seneca, a Roman playwright, is a forerunner of radio drama since readers performed his plays as sound plays, rather than actors as stage plays. However, in this regard, he didn’t have significant successors until technological advancements in the 20th-century made the widespread dissemination of sound plays possible.

What are the First Radio Dramas?

A Comedy Of Danger was the first play specifically written for radio by Richard Hughes. It aired in January 1924 and was commissioned by the BBC in Britain. The Wolf is the first radio drama in the United States. It was a show adapted from the play of Charles Sommerville by Eugene Walter in 1924 as well. 
However, radio dramas have their origin in another kind of broadcasting, which came before the advent of radio technology. Between 1900–1920, people made use of a network of lines (théàtrophone) for listening to live performances.

Is Producing Audio Drama more Difficult than Filming Movies?

No, creating audio drama is actually much easier than filming movies. It has become a favorite entry-point for several storytellers since you only need to pay attention to 3 essential things. These elements are, telling interesting stories, making use of great acting, and combining effective production with sound effects and music. Keep in mind that writing audio drama — a kind of aural entertainment — is scriptwriting.

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We aim to teach beginners how to create an Audio Drama. In our tutorials, we’ll walk you through the entire process of producing Audio Dramas, radio plays, voice reels, non-fiction stories, storytelling podcasts, and others.

To offer a platform for upcoming acting talents, fresh new writers, and audio drama enthusiasts of all genres to learn how to create Audio Dramas.

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